Research Field Specific Events

The Society for the History of Analytic Philosophy (SHAP)

Monday, October 2nd
Professor Landon Elkind, Western Kentucky University
4:00 pm
353 University Hall

The Miscellaneous Metaphysics, Mind, and Epistemology (MMME)

Friday, April 19, 2024
Professor Hilary Kornblith, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
"Knowledge, Justified Belief, and Idealization in Epistemology"
353 University Hall
3:45 pm

Abstract: Epistemology is concerned, among other things, with the nature of knowledge and also with justified (or rational) belief.  Some epistemologists are concerned with knowledge alone, and show little interest in the nature of justified belief.  Others concern themselves with justified  belief, and show little interest in the nature of knowledge.  But even among those who are interested in both of these topics, some begin their investigations with the nature of knowledge, and only then confront the nature of justified  belief, while some proceed in the opposite direction.  I believe that this difference is not insignificant, and it makes a dramatic difference in the sort of account which results.  I will argue that this difference in approach is connected with issues about the role of idealization in epistemology.  When these issues are brought into focus, I believe that an important motivation for a Knowledge First approach is revealed, a motivation quite different from what one sees in Williamsonians.

The Logic and Language Society (LOLS)

Friday, August 18th
Professor Gillian Russell, Dianoia Research Institute
5:00 pm
Virtual Talk

Saturday, September 2nd
Professor Peter Fritz, Australian Catholic University
10:00 am
Virtual Talk

Friday, September 22nd
Professor Zach Weber, University of Otago
4:30 pm
Virtual Talk

Friday, October 13th
Professor Tim Button, University College London
3:30 pm
Virtual Talk

Friday, November 10th
Professor Kai Wehmeier, University of California-Irvine
3:30 pm
Virtual Talk