Words About Students

Alison Duncan Kerr, a visiting scholar at the University of Toronto in June 2013, participated in Professor Dan Korman’s session on, “The Vagueness Argument Against Abstract Artifacts,” at the Summer Bellingham Summer Conference at Western Washington University, and commented on Daniel Silvermint’s, “Range and Virtuous Resistance,” in the Workshop on the Duty to Resist Oppression at the University of Connecticut, Storrs.  On top of this, Alison designed and will be teaching a new course for us, “Philosophy of Sex and Love.”

Teresa Kouri (with Stewart Shapiro) co-organized the Society for Exact Philosophy Conference held at Ohio State this fall. She also gave a paper at that conference, “Indiscernibility in Mathematics and Physics,” and presented, “Logical Pluralism, Language, and Meaning,” at the Graduate Conference in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario; and also at the Society for Exact Philosophy conference held in Montreal.

Daniel Pearlberg presented his paper, “Making Sense of the Different Senses of ‘Explanation’,” at the Society for Exact Philosophy May Conference, at the Ohio Philosophical Association; and at the Indiana Philosophical Association. He presented his paper, “Davidsonian Mental Causation, or Something Near Enough,” at both the Canadian Philosophical Association and at the Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference.  And he presented, “The Scope and Limits of the Interventionist Account of Causation, co-authored with Richard Samuels, at the October conference of the Society of Exact Philosophy, held here at Ohio State.

Lindsay Rettler presented her paper, “Epistemic Control and Responsibility,” at Northwestern’s Epistemology Brown Bag. She also served as commentator on Greg Atnill’s, “The Ethics of Self-fulfilling Belief,” at the Notre Dame/Northwestern Epistemology Conference; and on Todd Stewarts,“A Critique of Two Criteria for Epistemically Circular Belief,” at the Illinois Philosophical Association.  

Eric Snyder recently published his paper, “Binding, Genericity, and Predicates of Personal Taste,” in Inquiry.