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2.1 The Logic Requirements

The Philosophy Department has two logic requirements graduate students must satisfy: the logic competency requirement and the advanced logic requirement. 
The Logic Competency Requirement. During the first year of full-time graduate study in philosophy a student must show competence in elementary symbolic logic in one of the following two ways: (a) enrolling in PHIL 2500 and receiving a grade of "B" or better, or (b) passing a special Competency Examination. This examination tests a student's knowledge in propositional and first-order logic - the logic of quantifiers and identity. Students are expected to translate ordinary English sentences into symbolic sentences, and conversely; and students are expected to do natural deduction proofs within both the propositional calculus and first-order logic. Note that students who do not satisfy the logic competency requirement will not be continued in the graduate program in philosophy. 
The Advanced Logic Requirement. All graduate students are expected to enroll in and pass (by receiving a grade of "B" or better) an advanced logic course, typically PHIL 5500, during their first year of full-time graduate study in philosophy. 

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