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P4H Zine

Philosophy for Humans Learning Community proudly presents volume 1 of our 'zine:  Joining Worlds, Breaking Barriers

After meeting as a group for over two years, our thoughts turned to ways of sharing out our incredible community beyond the prison walls in order to encourage others to contribute to our endeavors--either by joining our community or forming a similar one. We settled upon sharing out writings and art generated by our members.  In this first volume, we embraced amateurism.  Our editor learned how to use design software in the process of producing this zine.  Our community members learned how to focus their thinking into messages that they considered important for people within and beyond the prison walls to receive.  Our community co-facilitators learned how to obtain the necessary approvals from ODRC in order to share out our messages.  

We are grateful for the many people who made this 'zine possible, especially Babette Cieskowski (OPEEP) and Brian Niceswanger (SCI).  


Download Volume 1 today!