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1.7 Financial Support

Teaching Associateships. The normal award is for a half-time position paid in nine monthly installments. Appointment to a teaching associateship carries automatic remission of tuition and fees for the academic year and the following Summer Semester (if the appointee has successfully completed the academic year). The normal duties of a teaching associate include conducting discussion sections of introductory courses, attending lectures in those courses, holding office hours, and grading papers and examinations-in all, not to exceed an average of 20 hours per week during the regular weeks of the two semesters). Teaching associates are also eligible to teach introductory undergraduate courses in their own right after passing the Candidacy Examination

Research Associateships. Some Research Associateships may be available for the support of students who are assisting faculty members with their research. Incoming students are ordinarily not awarded Research Associateships.

Fellowships. The many types of fellowships available to Ohio State graduate students, some of them designed for special categories of students, are described on the Graduate School Fellowship website (https://gradsch.osu.edu/pursuing-your-degree/graduate-fellows). Applicants are advised that the criteria for awarding fellowships are stringent; a strong academic record is required to qualify. There is no special application form for a fellowship; potential candidates will be identified and nominated by the Graduate Committee of the Department. The Committee ordinarily nominates only candidates who seek the Ph.D. degree. Fellowships carry an automatic waiver of fees and tuition.

Fellowships of interest to many incoming students are the following: (1) University Fellowships are awarded for one year (two semesters and summer term); given satisfactory progress, fellows can expect to be awarded a Teaching or Research Associateship for the next year and up to three additional years; (2) Graduate Enrichment Fellowships are available for students who will enhance the diversity of the department.

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