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Suggestions for Instructors


 These suggestions are tailored to OSU instructors in light of the resources that they have access to. 

Please note that these do not include the language formally required by the university; these are merely additions.

Why we developed the suggestions

There is a lack of diversity among those who participate in philosophy in the United States. Experts have not reached a consensus about the causes and moral evaluation of this lack. Nevertheless, instructors have a unique opportunity to design and/or cultivate a learning environment that reflects our values and commitments, especially to equal opportunity. Instructors owe their students a fair learning environment, where none are burdened by obstacles that are put into place by the context of instruction or that could be mitigated or removed by positive action by the instructor.

The purpose of this document is to present concrete ways that teachers can remove barriers to pursuing philosophy that member of minority and underrepresented groups face. If each of us does what we can, there is hope for substantial progress towards a diverse and inclusive philosophical environment.


contact us: mapforthegap@osu.edu