Graduate Student Publications


Graduate Student Publications

Below are publications of our graduate students:



Ambardekar, Pranav Niranjan. "Why Knowledge Might Not Entail Belief." Southwest Philosophical Studies Vol 43. (forthcoming)

Curtis-Trudel, Andre. "Implementation as Resemblance." Philosophy of Science. (forthcoming)

Curtis-Trudel, Andre. "The InDeterminacy of Computation." Synthese. (forthcoming)

DeRose, Todd. "Semantic Compositionality and Berkeley's Divine Language Argument." Religious Studies, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming)

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Fritz, James, McKittrick-Sweitzer, Lavender, D’Arms, Justin & Jorati, Julia. The Philosophy and Critical Thinking (PACT) Summer Camp at Ohio State. In C. Katz (Eds.), Growing Up with Philosophy Camp Vol. II (TBD)
Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. (forthcoming)

Johnson, Christa. “Understanding for Hire.” (co-authored with Daniel Wilkenfeld), Journal for General Philosophy of Science. (forthcoming)

Lennon, Preston. “In Defense of Cognitive Phenomenology: Meeting the Matching Content Challenge”, Erkenntnis. (forthcoming)

Lennon, Preston. “Aphantasia and Conscious Thought.” Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind, vol. 3. (forthcoming)

Smithies, Declan, Lennon, Preston and Samuels, Richard. “Delusions and Madmen: Against Rationality Constraints on Belief.” Synthese. (forthcoming)

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Yu, Xiang. "Hidden Desires: A Unified Strategy for Defending the Desire-Satisfaction Theory." Utilitas. (forthcoming)



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