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Graduate Student Resources

A list of resources for graduate students in philosophy at Ohio State broken into the following categories:

Academic Careers

  • Placement Handbook
    • An informal guide to the placement process for OSU philosophy graduate students and recent graduates. A copy can be found in the O: Drive or by contacting Michelle Brown.
  • Philosopher’s Cocoon Resources
  • PhilJobs
    • Previously Jobs for Philosophers, a collection of philosophy job listings
  • Job Candidate Mentoring for Women in Philosophy
    • Matches job candidates with junior faculty mentors who have recently been on the market provide mentoring and peer support to women candidates during their job search

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Non-Academic Careers

Career planning

Review of these resources by two OSU grad students:

Profiles of Philosophers working outside academia

Advice, opportunities, and other resources

Resources not specific to philosophy

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Online Teaching

The Department has an active Slack community for discussing online teaching. Please email Michelle Brown for an invitation.

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  • Minorities and Philosophy
    • MAP is a collection of students in English-speaking philosophy departments that aims to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy.
  • APA Resources on Diversity and Inclusion
    • Provides strategies and best practices for improving the climate in the field for women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups.
  • Data on Women in Philosophy
    • Provides new data on approximately 100 departments over the past 10 years and faculty at all ranks in Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR) ranked and unranked programs for 2015. The site also shows the proportion and numbers of women published in Leiter survey ranked top 20 journals.
  • UPDirectory
    • Directory of philosophers from underrepresented groups in philosophy

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Mental Health and Wellness

OSU Resources

Additional Resources


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Blogs, Humor, and Podcasts

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