Ph.D. Recipients

The Department awarded its first Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1919, to Dr. Raymond Gregory. Since that time, it has awarded more than 200 Ph.D. degrees. Of these, more than 30 have been awarded to women, starting with Dr. Sarah Watson Emery in 1942.

2023 Soyeong An
“Towards A New Non-Ontic Conception of Scientific Explanation”
Advisor: Chris Pincock

2023 Tyler Cook
"Essays in Machine Ethics"
Advisor: Justin D'Arms

2023 Todd DeRose
"New Work for Berkeley's Theory of Divine Language"
Advisor: Lisa Downing

2022 Andre Curtis Trudel
"Towards a Theory of Physical Computation"
Advisors: Stewart Shapiro and Richard Samuels

2022 Scott Harkema
"Berkeley on the Relationship between Metaphysics and Natural Science"
Advisor: Lisa Downing

2022 Preston Lennon
"The Phenomenal Basis of Thought"
Advisor: Declan Smithies
2022 Xiang Yu
"Three Essays on the Desire-Satisfaction Theory of Well-Being"
Advisor: Eden Lin

2021 Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer
"Care Exploitation: Recognizing and Preventing a Pervasive Injustice"
Advisor: Piers Turner

2021 Erin Mercurio
"Pippi Longstocking, Captain Ahab, and Other People: A Defense of Possibilism About Fictional Objects"
Advisor: Declan Smithies and Ben Caplan

2021 Daniel Olson
Three Essays on the Constitutive A Priori"
Advisor: Chris Pincock

2020 Ethan Brauer
"The Modal Logic of Potential Infinity, With an Application to Free Choice Sequences"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro and Neil Tennant

2020 Steven Dalglish
“Accepting Defeat: A Solution to Semantic Paradox with Defeasible Principles for Truth.”
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

2020 Eric de Araujo
"Different Samenesses: Essays on Non-Standard Views of Identity"
Advisor: Ben Caplan

2020 Paul Robinson
“Social Theories of Reasoning.”
Advisor: Richard Samuels

2020 Evan Thomas
"Animals, Consciousness, and Mechanism: A Study of the Beast-Machine Controversy."
Advisor: Lisa Downing

2020 Chulmin Yoon
“Essays on De Jure Coreference.”
Advisor: William Taschek & Ben Caplan

2019 James Fritz
Knowledge and the Many Norms on Action"
Advisor: Tristram McPherson

2019 Jennifer Gleason
"Mental Disorder: Ameliorating Stigmatization and Reconceptualizing Treatment"
Advisor: Tristram McPherson and Ben Caplan

2019 Giorgio Sbardolini
"From Language to Thought: On the Logical Foundations of Semantic Theory"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

2019 Keren Shatalov
“Aristotle’s Subject Matter”
Advisor: Allan Silverman

2019 Matthew Souba
"From the Outside Looking In: Can Mathematical Certainty be Secured without being Mathematically Certain that it has Been?"
Advisor: Neil Tennant

2019 Jerilyn Tinio
“Bodies as Privative Causes: Descartes on the Causes of Motion”
Advisor: Lisa Downing

2019 Evan Woods
"The Problems of the Many"
Advisor: Ben Caplan and Julia Jorati

2018 Dr. Aly Massof
“The Demands of Partnership: A Normative Foundation for Shared Medical Decision-Making”
Advisor: Piers Turner

2018 Dr. Juan Garcia
"Leibniz on Contingency and Freedom: A Molinism Friendly Account.”
Advisor: Tamar Rudavsky & Julia Jorati

2018 Dr. Hope Sample
"It’s Change in Kant"
Advisor: Lisa Shabel

2018 Dr. Christa Johnson
"How to be a Nonconsequentialist: A Defense of Deontological Constraints.”
Advisor: Piers Turner & Justin D'Arms

2017  Dr. Matt McCall
“Looking at the Surface of the Mind: Descartes on Visual Sensory Perception”
Advisor: Lisa Downing

2017  Dr. Brian McLean
“Structuring Lives and Stories"
Advisor:  Sigrun Svavarsdottir

2017  Dr. Andrew Kissel
"Psychological Arguments for Free Will”
Advisor:  Richard Samuels

2017  Dr. Scott Brown
"Essays in Modality and Instantiation"
Advisor:  Ben Caplan

2016  Dr. John Hurst
"Dogmatism about Action Forecasts" 
Advisor:  Abe Roth

2016  Dr. Teresa Kouri
"Logical Instrumentalism". 
Advisor:  Stewart Shapiro

2016  Dr. Owen King
"Three Kinds of Goodness for a Person"
Advisor:  Justin D'Arms

2016  Dr. Nathaniel Smith
"How to Make Friends and Maximize Value"
Advisor:  Justin D'Arms & Piers Turner

2016  Dr. Eric Snyder
“Counting and Other Forms of Measurement”
Advisor:  Stewart Shapiro

2016 Dr. Jeremy Weiss
“A Feeling Theory of Feelings”
Advisor: Sigrun Svavarsdottir

2015 Dr. Kathryn McFarland
"Feigning Objectivity: An Overlooked Conversational Strategy in Everyday Disputes"
Advisor:  William Taschek

2015 Dr. Lindsay Rettler
"Doxastic Agency and Responsibility"
Advisor:  Declan Smithies

2015 Dr. Daniel Pearlberg
"Causation, Mechanism, and Mind"
Advisor:  Richard Samuels

2015 Dr. David Blanks
"The Metaphysics of Dispositions:  A Case for Counterfactualism"
Advisor:  Ben Caplan

2014  Dr. James McGlothlin
"The Logiphro Dilemma:  An Examination of the Relationship between God and Logic"
Advisor:  Stewart Shapiro

2014  Dr. Michael Miller
"Negotiating Constitutivity:  A Pragmatist Account of Interpretive Coordination"
Advisor:  Robert Kraut

2014 Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr
"Affective Rationality"
Advisor:  Justin D'Arms

2014 Dr. Michael Ferreira
"A Pluralistic Account of Propositional Imagination"
Advisor:  Richard Samuels

2013  Dr. Lindsey Mason
"Emotions as Reasons:  Against the Standard Belief/Desire Account of Action"
Advisor:  Abraham Roth

2013  Dr. Daniel Wilkenfeld
"Explaining and Understanding"
Advisors:  Robert Kraut and Stewart Shapiro

2012 Dr. Cathleen Muller
"Harry Potter and the Rescue from Realism: A Novel Defense of Anti-Realism About Fictional Characters"
Advisor: Ben Caplan

2012 Dr. Steven Brown
"Realistic Virtue Ethics"
Advisor: Justin D'Arms

2012 Dr. Timothy Fuller
"Science and Mind: How Theory Change Illuminates Ordinary Thought"
Advisor:  Richard Samuels

2012  Dr. Wesley Cray
"Modal Inconstancy: How our Interests Influence How Things Could Be"
Advisor: Ben Caplan

2012 Dr. Patrick Reeder
"Infinitesimals for Metaphysics: Consequences for the Ontologies of Space and Time"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

2011 Dr. Audrey Anton
"Sources and Reasons: Moral Responsibility and the Desert of Praise and Blame"
Advisor: Timothy Schroeder

2011 Dr. Eric Carter
"Objectivity and Communication"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

 2011 Dr. Steven James
Advisor:  William Taschek

2010 Dr. Charles Cogley
"Responsibility and Manipulation?"
Advisor: Daniel Farrell

2010 Dr. Andrew Choi
"On Kant, Arpaly, and Practical Rationality"
Advisor: Timothy Schroeder

2010 Dr. Salvatore Florio
"The Semantics of Plurals: In Defense of Singularism"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro and Neil Tennant

2010 Dr. Michael Jaworski
"Thought Without Language: An Interpretationist Approach to the Thinking Mind"
Advisor: Neil Tennant

2010 Dr. David Heide
"Kant's Idealism: On the Character and Limits of Spatial Representation"
Advisor: Lisa Shabel

2009 Dr. Matthew Jordan
"Divine Attitudes and the Nature of Morality: A Defense of a Theistic Account of Deontic Properties"
Advisor: Donald Hubin

2009 Dr. Ryan Jordan
"Known by the Company It Keeps: Associations and the Development of Musical Expression"
Advisor: Lee Brown and Daniel Farrell

2009 Dr. James MacPherson
"A Theory of Collective Intentions, with Moral and Legal Applications"
Advisor: Daniel Farrell and Abraham Roth

2008 Dr. Carol Hay
"Rationality and Oppression: A Defence of the Obligation to Resist"
Advisor: Timothy Schroeder

2007 Dr. Makoto Suzuki
"The Best Imperative Approach to Deontic Discourse"
Advisor: Justin D'Arms

2007 Dr. Abigail Aguilar
"Virtue Nationalism: An Aristotelian Defense of the Nation"
Advisor: Daniel Farrell

2007 Dr. Regan Reitsma
"Personal Ideals and Rationally Impotent Desires"
Advisor: Donald Hubin

2006 Dr. William Melanson
"Justified Existential Belief: An Investigation of the Justifiability of Believing in the Existence of Abstract Mathematical Objects"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro and George Pappas

2006 Dr. Adam Podlaskowski
"Rule-following and Recursion: Rethinking Projection and Normativity"
Advisor: Neil Tennant

2006 Dr. William Roche
"The Structure and Grounding of Epistemic Justification"
Advisor: George Pappas

2006 Dr. Joshua Smith
"A Relevant Alternative Analysis of Knowledge"
Advisor: George Pappas

2006 Dr. Nicholaos Jones
"Ineliminable Idealizations, Phase Transitions, and Irreversibility"
Advisor: Neil Tennant

2006 Dr. Scott Anderson
"Legal Indeterminacy in Context"
Advisor: Daniel Farrell and Stewart Shapiro

2005 Dr. Andrew Arlig
"A Study in Early Medieval Mereology: Boethius, Abelard, and Pseudo-Joscelin"
Adviser: Tamar Rudavsky

2005 Dr. Yimin Kui
"The Reference and Content of Proper Names: A Social and Pragmatic Approach"
Adviser: Joseph Levine

2005 Dr. Henry Pratt
"Comparing Artworks"
Advisor: Lee Brown

2005 Dr. Julian Cole
"Practice-Dependent Realism and Mathematics"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

2004 Dr. Robert Cathal Woods
"The Virtuous Polity: Aristotle on Justice, Self-Interest, and Citizenship"
Advisor: Allan Silverman

2003 Dr. David Merli
"Moral Disagreement and Shared Meaning"
Advisors: Justin D'Arms and Donald Hubin

2003 Dr. Karen Cordrick Haely
"Objectivity in the Feminist Philosophy of Science"
Advisor: Donald Hubin

2002 Dr. Sondra Bacharach
"Definitions of Art: Narratives, History and Essentialism"
Advisor: Lee Brown

2002 Dr. Haewan Lee
"An Account of Epistemic Goodness: An Alternative to Warrant and Justification"
Advisor: Marshall Swain

2002 Dr. Deborah Tollefsen
"Interpreting Organizations"
Advisor: William Taschek

2002 Dr. Mark Silcox
"A Prolegomenon to Radical Interpretation"
Advisor: William Taschek

2002 Dr. Ryan Nichols
"Reid's Philosophy of Mind"
Advisor: George Pappas

2001 Dr. Alfred Lent
"Surviving in a Different Body : An Examination and Rejection of the Lockean Thesis That Consciousness Alone Makes Personal Identity"
Advisor: William Taschek

2001 Dr. Lee Franklin
"The Role of Language in Plato's Theory of Knowledge and Learning"
Advisor: Allan Silverman

2000 Dr. Lawrence Sanger
"Epistemic Circularity: An Essay on the Problem of Meta-Justication"
Advisor: George Pappas

2000 Dr. Roy Cook
"Logic-As-Modeling: A New Perspective on Formalization"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

2000 Dr. Sarah Pessin
"Solomon Ibn Gabirol: Universal Hylomorphism and the Psychic Imagination"
Advisor: Tamar Rudavsky

2000 Dr. Edgar Velez
"Revisionist Moral Theology: Recovering the Theological Character of Christian Ethics"
Advisor: Charles Kielkopf

2000 Dr. David Eng
"An Account of the Justification of Testimonial Beliefs: A Reliablist Approach"
Advisor: Marshall Swain

1999 Dr. Jon Cogburn
"Slouching Towards Vienna: Michael Dummett and the Epistemology of Language"
Advisor: Neil Tennant

1999 Dr. Jon Curtis
"Towards a Fully Resolute Reading of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico Philosophicus"
Advisor: William Taschek

1999 Dr. Joseph Salerno
"The Metaphysics of Classical Logic: Semantic Anti-Realism, Quasi-Realism and Logical Revisionism"
Advisors: Robert Kraut and Neil Tennant

1998 Dr. Hahn Hsu
"Liberalism, Political Pluralism, and International Justice"
Advisor: Daniel Farrell

1998 Dr. Sheldon Smith
"Laws and Causation: A Defense of a Modified Covering-Law Conception of Causation"
Advisor: Mark Wilson

1998 Dr. Lincoln Stevens
"The Epistemic Impact of Mystical Perception on Interfacie Disputes over Religious Belief"
Advisor: Charles Kielkopf

1997 Dr. Jeffrey Koperski
"Defending Chaos: An Examination and Defense of the Models Used in Chaos Theory"
Advisor: Robert Batterman

1997 Dr. Adam Moore
"A Lockean Theory of Intellectual Property"
Advisor: Donald Hubin

1997 Dr. James Summerford
"Reconfiguring the Problem of Universals"
Advisor: Robert Kraut

1996 Dr. Kenneth Sievers
"F.H. Bradley and the Coherence Theory of Truth"
Advisor: Lee Brown

1996 Dr. Keith Korcz
"The Epistemic Basing Relation"
Advisor: Marshall Swain

1996 Dr. David Lightner
"Hume on Possibility and Necessity"
Advisor: George Pappas

1996 Dr. Pierluigi Miraglia
"Can We Intend an Interpretation?"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

1995 Dr. Joan Pryor-McCann
"The Concept of Generic Personal Responsibility"
Advisor: George Pappas

1994 Dr. Jill Dieterle
"Structure and Object"
Advisors: Robert Kraut and Stewart Shapiro

1994 Dr. Erdinc Sayan
"Idealizations, Approximations and Confirmation in Science"
Advisor: Ronald Laymon

1994 Dr. Byungok Kwon
"A Semantic Analysis of Conditionals"
Advisor: George Schumm

1994 Dr. Edward Slowik
"Newton's 'De Gravitatione' Argument: Cartesian Relationalist Dynamics and the Structure of Space and Time"
Advisor: Mark Wilson

1993 Dr. Laura Keating
"The Primary-Secondary Quality Distinction in Descartes, Boyle, and Locke"
Advisor: Alan Hausman

1993 Dr. Michael Labossiere
"A World of Particulars: A Trope Solution to the Problem of Universals"
Advisor: George Pappas

1993 Dr. Jody Graham
"Berkeley's Notion of 'Suggestion'"
Advisor: George Pappas

1993 Dr. George Watkins
"A Subjectivist's Guide to Objectivism About Colors"
Advisors: Diana Raffman and Robert Kraut

1992 Dr. Dirk Baltzly
"Plato's Argument From Relatives: The Role of the Distinction Between Kath Hauto and Pros Ti"
Advisor: Tamar Rudavsky

1992 Dr. Steven Bayne
"Events as Objects of Representations in Kant's Second Analogy of Experience"
Advisor: Lee Brown

1992 Dr. Norman Mooradian
"Pleasure and Illusion: False Pleasure in Plato's Philebus"
Advisor: Allan Silverman

1991 Dr. Steven Nuttall
"An Essay on the Criminal Law Justification Defense"
Advisor: Donald Hubin

1991 Dr. Joseph Osei
"Contemporary African Philosophy and Development: An Asset or a Liability?"
Advisor: Andrew Oldenquist

1990 Dr. Chamu Namasivayam
"On Some Aspects of Simplicity"
Advisor: George Pappas

1990 Dr. Barbara Scholz
"Kripke's Wittgensteinian Paradox"
Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

1990 Dr. Andrew Swift
"Hobbes's Secular Command Theory of Obligation"
Advisor: Bernard Rosen

1990 Dr. Heidi Storl
"An Analysis of Personhood and Its Implications for Humans, Identity, and Morality"
Advisor: Donald Hubin

1989 Dr. David Gilboa
"The Economic Conditions of Political Liberty"
Advisor: Richard Garner

1988 Dr. Wayne DeWitt
"Vagueness, Logic and the Computational View of Mind"
Advisor: George Schumm

1988 Dr. Jinsun Park
"Bayesian Decision Theory and the Justification of the Admissibility Requirement on Degrees of Belief"
Advisor: Donald Hubin

1988 Dr. Bambi Robinson
"Confidentiality in the Professions of Law, Medicine, Psychotherapy, and in the Roman Catholic Church"
Advisor: Bernard Rosen

1988 Dr. Michael Almeida
"The Impossibility of Moral Conflicts"
Advisor: Charles Kielkopf

1987 Dr. Mary Elizabeth Cohen
"Vagueness, Logic and Truth "
Advisor: Robert Kraut

1987 Dr. David W. Drebushenko
"Abstraction and the Esse Is Percipi Thesis"
Advisor: George Pappas

1987 Dr. Theodore Metzler
"A Model of Interacting Visual and Verbal Components in Human Thought"
Advisor: Richard Garner

1987 Dr. Martin Albert Rice
"Reference and Relativism"
Advisor: Alan Hausman

1987 Dr. Pamela J. Salsberry
"The Distribution of Health Care in a Just Society"
Advisor: Donald Hubin

1986 Dr. Harry Mitchell Flower
"The Structuralist Enterprise and Aristotle's Poetics"
Advisors: Alan Hausman and Lee Brown

1984 Dr. Irwain Larry Udell
"Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy: A New Appraisal"
Advisor: Alan Hausman

1983 Dr. Kristin Janina Aronson
"The Ranking of Multiattribute Alternatives : Moral Dilemmas from the Agent's Point of View"
Advisor: Andrew Oldenquist

1983 Dr. Douglas Eugene Chismar
"Empathy : Its Nature, Determinants, and Importance for Moral Decision-Making"
Advisor: Andrew Oldenquist

1983 Dr. David Curtis Glebe
"Holmes' Theory of Law"
Advisor: Bernard Rosen

1983 Dr. James Stewart Kelly
"Functionalism : Materialist Theory of Mind or Mentalist Theory of the Brain?"
Advisor: William Lycan

1983 Dr. Donna Cecelia Kline
"Dominion and Wealth: A Critical Analysis of Karl Marx's Theory of Commercial Law"
Advisor: James Scanlan

1983 Dr. William Michael Perkins
"Moral Evaluation and the Moral Sentiments in Hume's Treatise"
Advisor: Daniel Farrell

1983 Dr. James Anthony Rubino
"The Relevance of Artists' Intentions to the Description and Interpretation of Works of Art"
Advisor: Lee Brown

1982 Dr. John Richard Josephson
"Explanation and Induction"
Advisor: Ronald Laymon

1982 Dr. Guy O'Gorman King
"Pyrrhonism Sextusian : A Development"
Advisor: Richard Garner

1982 Dr. Edward Reed Turnbull
"The Political Philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau"
Advisor: James Scanlan

1982 Dr. Dan William Turner
"A Theory of Causal Determinism"
Advisor: Marshall Swain

1981 Dr. Bat-Ami Bar On
"Violence and Morality"
Advisor: Daniel Farrell

1981 Dr. Michael John Costa
"Seeing and Other Complex Events"
Advisor: Marshall Swain

1981 Dr. Steven Frederick Humphrey
"An Anti-Realist Conception of Theories of Mathematical Physics"
Advisor: Ronald Laymon

1981 Dr. Susan Goodman Josephson
"The Dual Nature of Time"
Advisor: William Lycan

1981 Dr. James Henry Parsons
"The Logic of Concepts : Case Studies in Engineering and Law"
Advisor: Ronald Laymon

1981 Dr. Daniel Charles Shaw
"Nihilism and Resoluteness : The Tragic Context"
Advisors: Lee Brown and Alan Hausman

1980 Dr. James Roland Carter
"The Sources of A Priori Knowledge : A Commentary on Kant's Notions of Sensibility, Understanding, and Reason"
Advisor: Virgil Hinshaw

1980 Dr. Ute Shepherd St Clair
"A Problem in Explicating the Problem of Memory"
Advisor: George Pappas

1979 Dr. Patrice Koelsch Loose
"Roger Bacon on Perception: a Reconstruction and Critical Analysis of theTheory of Visual Perception Expounded in the Opus Majus"
Advisor: Peter Machamer

1979 Dr. Jonathan Carl Schonsheck
"A Theory of Justified Reflective Noncompliance"
Advisor: James Scanlan

1979 Dr. Mark Allen Sherouse
"Memory and Knowledge: an Examination of the Epistemic Theory of Memory"
Advisor: Charles Kielkopf

1979 Dr. Joseph Thomas Tolliver
"Reasons, Perceptions, and Information : An Outline of an Information-Theoretic Epistemology"
Advisor: Marshall Swain

1979 Dr. Michael Frank Wagner
"Concepts and Causes: the Structure of Plotinus' Universe"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1978 Dr. Jeffrey Bruce Gold
"Names, Concepts, and Abilities: Plato on Naming and Knowing"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1978 Dr. John Eric Nolt
"The Language of Set Theory"
Advisor: Robert Kraut

1978 Dr. Kenneth Herbert Wenker
"The Morality of Obedience to Military Authority"
Advisors: Andrew Oldenquist and Daniel Farrell

1977 Dr. Peter Abraham Horn
"Moral Rights to Live and Decisions About Death"
Advisor: Bernard Rosen

1977 Dr. Charles David Schweickart
"Capitalism: A Utilitarian Analysis"
Advisor: James Scanlan

1976 Dr. Wayne Edward Alt
"A Study of Descartes' Cogito Certainty and its Place in Cartesian Metaphysics"
Advisor: Richard Garner

1976 Dr. Robert Evans Brumett
"Scientific Explanation and the Philosophy of Language"
Advisor: Richard Garner

1976 Dr. Douglas Neil Husak
"Paternalistic Legislation"
Advisors: James Scanlan & Daniel Farrell

1976 Dr. Dale Edward Lichtblau
"Tenses and Logic"
Advisor: George Schumm

1975 Dr. Henry Robert Frankel
"Examination of Harr's Analysis of Models, Powers and Natures, and their Role in Scientific Explanation"
Advisor: Peter Machamer

1975 Dr. Ronald Elliot Nusenoff
"A neoFregean Theory of the Informative Functioning of Singular Terms"
Advisor: William Lycan

1975 Dr. Melvin Stephenson Ulm
"Indeterminancy of Translation and Theories of Truth"
Advisor: William Lycan

1974 Dr. Albert William Flores
"Materialism: A Critical Evaluation of the Various Attempts to Defend This Thesis From the Problem Presented by the Phenomenal Properties of Sensations"
Advisor: Marshall Swain

1974 Dr. Thomas Rowland Foster
"The Russell-Leibnitz Definition of Identity: Some Problems"
Advisor: Alan Hausman

1974 Dr. William Samuel Jacobs
"Einai and Existence in Aristotle"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1974 Dr. Brendan Patrick Minogue
"Cartesian Optics : A Test Case for the Partial Iinterpretationist's Account of Models"
Advisor: Ronald Laymon

1974 Dr. Marsha Rockey Schermer
"On Nietzsche's Purported Contradictoriness : A Reinterpretation of the Works of Friedrich Nietzsche With an Emphasis on Non-Assertional Linguistic Acts"
Advisor: Lee Brown

1974 Dr. John A Sutula
Advisor: William Lycan

1973 Dr. James Richard Bode
"A Logic for Conditional Statements"
Advisor: Charles Kielkopf

1973 Dr. Charles Edward Eaker
"A Defense of Monadic Deontic Logic"
Advisor: Charles Kielkopf

1973 Dr. Kathleen Ann Emmett
"Talk About Seeing"
Advisor: Alan Hausman

1973 Dr. Michael T. Jones
"Intentionalist and Conventionalist Solutions to Problems of Reference in the Philosophy of Language"
Advisor: Richard Garner

1973 Dr. David Chester Mellick
"The Metaphysics of Behavior"
Advisor: William Lycan

1972 Dr. Donald James Beelick
"Context and Human Actions"
Advisor: Andrew Oldenquist

1972 Dr. Ronald Johnson Glass
"Leibnitz and Perception"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1972 Dr. William Arthur Miller
"Kant's Realism"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1972 Dr. Mary Jeannette Sirridge
"Problems of Truth and Reference in Fiction"
Advisors: Alan Hausman and Lee Brown

1972 Dr. David M.W. Travers
"On Brentano's 'Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint' "
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1971 Dr. Samuel Israel Kanter
"The Nuremberg Trials: A Test Case for Jurisprudence"
Advisor: Bernard Rosen

1971 Dr. Jacqueline Agnew Kleinman
"Public/Private: The Education of Soren Kierkegard"
Advisor: Lee Brown

1971 Dr. Anthony Joseph Lisska
"Role of Phantasms in Aquinian Perceptual Theory"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1971 Dr. Nelson Pole
"The Meaning of Terms Employed in Scientific Languages and the Problem of Induction"
Advisor: Charles Kielkopf

1971 Dr. Stephen Eugene Taylor
"Free Will and Determinism: A Defense of Libertarianism"
Advisor: Andrew Oldenquist

1970 Dr. Paul Dennis Gray
"A Defense of P.F. Strawson's Theory of Self"
Advisor: Bernard Rosen

1970 Dr. Ronald Fredrick Hough
"The Cognitive Status of Scientific Theories"
Advisor: Virgil Hinshaw

1970 Dr. Frederick Alfsen Johnson
"Non-Linguistic Theories of Truth"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1970 Dr. Ernest Clare Marshall
"An Explication of William James 'Neutral Monism and Some Applications to his Pragmatism' "
Advisor: Bernard Rosen

1970 Dr. James D. McCarthy
"Duty and Interest in Butler's Moral Theory"
Advisor: Marvin Fox

1970 Dr. R. David Palmer
"Locke's Doctrine of Representative Perception"
Advisor: Charles Kielkopf

1970 Dr. Robert Herman Vorsteg
"Philosophical Explication of Meaning"
Advisor: Virgil Hinshaw

1969 Dr. Robert James Baum
"George Berkeley's Philosophy of Mathematics"
Advisor: Paul Olscamp

1969 Dr. Charles G. Echelbarger
"Wilfrid Sellars' Philosophy of Mind"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1969 Dr. Michael Fred Schmidt
Advisor: Virgil Hinshaw

1969 Dr. Robert Elias Abu Shanab
"Logical Positivism, Operationalism, and Behaviorism"
Advisor: Virgil Hinshaw

1969 Dr. Kent C. Simmonds
"Philosophical Comments on 'Symposium 201d-7a' "
Advisor: Marvin Fox

1968 Dr. Jack Herman Bertsch
"An Inquiry into the Asymmetry and Direction of Time"
Advisor: Virgil Hinshaw

1968 Dr. Tom Clifton Keen
"George Herbert Mead's Social Theory of Meaning and Experience"
Advisor: Virgil Hinshaw

1968 Dr. Thomas Michael Lennon
"The Problem of Intentionality in Recent Analytic Philosophy"
Advisor: Robert Turnbull

1968 Dr. Robert Edward Myers
"Studies in Method and Religion in Hume's 'Science of Human Nature"
Advisor: Marvin Fox

1968 Dr. Patricia Handwerk Noragon
"An Investigation of the Concept of Action"
Advisor: Morris Weitz

1967 Dr. Henry John Heckman
"A Critical Examination of R.M. Hare's Prescriptive Universalism"
Advisor: Marvin Fox

1966 Dr. William Raymond Abbott
"Sense Experience in the Philosophy of Spinoza"
Advisor: Richard Severens

1966 Dr. Stanley B. Kay
"Kant on the Existence of God"
Advisor: Marvin Fox

1966 Dr. John McLellan Titchener
"The Concept of the Sense-Datum in the Perceptual Essays of G.E. Moore"
Advisors: Robert Turnbull and E. J. Nelson

1966 Dr. Keith E. Yandell
"Metaphysical Systems and Decision Procedures"
Advisor: Richard Severens

1965 Dr. Milton B. Goldinger
"The Moral Justification of Punishment"
Advisor: Marvin Fox

1965 Dr. Theodore Edward Uehling Jr.
"The Notion of Form in Kant's 'Critique of Aesthetic Judgment"
Advisor: Morris Weitz

1964 Dr. Jan Jaseph Wilbanks
"Hume's Theory of Imagination"
Advisor: Marvin Fox

1963 Dr. Gwendolyn Duell Bowne
"The Development of the Philosophy of Logic"
Advisor: Everett Nelson

1963 Dr. David Broiles
"An Analysis of Hume's Arguments Concerning the Role of Reason in Moral Decisions"
Advisor: Stephen Barker

1962 Dr. Andrew G. Oldenquist Jr.
"Moral Rules"
Advisor: Morris Weitz

1958 Dr. George Tarrence McClure Jr.
"An Inquiry into the Meaning of 'Presuppose'"
Advisor: Virgil Hinshaw

1957 Dr. Donald R. Keyworth
"The Status of Theological First Principles According to Hume and Kant"
Advisor: D. Luther Evans

1955 Dr. John DeLucca
"Immediacy and Immutability"
Advisor: Marvin Fox

1953 Dr. John George Kramer
"A Critical Analysis of the Major Arguments Against the Teaching of Religion in the Public Schools"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1952 Dr. John L. McKenney
"The Problem of a Science of Ethics in the Philosophies of John Dewey and Bertrand Russell"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1950 Rev. Joseph B. Shellhaas
"Fouillee's Ethics of Idees-Forces"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1949 Dr. Mildred Blynn Bakan
"An Inquiry into the Factuality of Philosophical Propositions"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1949 Dr. Theodore G. Lindner
"The Psychological Necessity of St. Paul's Conversion"
Advisor: A. E. Avey

1944 Rev. Charles A. Curran
"An Analysis of a Process Through Counseling and Its Implications for a Philosophy of Personality"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1942 Dr. Alvin Nelson
"The Nature and Significance of Moral Feelings"
Advisor: Albert Chandler

1942 Dr. Sarah Watson Emery
"James's Pragmatism and Its Relations to Fascism"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1940 Dr. George Estes Barton Jr.
"The General Aims of Education Determined by a Method Involving Reflection, Postulation, and Synthesis"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1938 Dr. Charles Leander Hill
"An exposition and critical estimate of the philosophy of Philip Melanchthon"
Advisor: Unknown

1937 Rev. J. Raymond Cope
"Religion and the Dialectical Materialism of Karl Marx"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1936 Dr. Raymond M. Gonso
"The Science of Ethics and Theory of Personality of Charles Bernard Renouvier"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1935 Dr. Floyd Faust
"The Ethical Significance of the Abnormal in Human Experience"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1935 Dr. T. Bruce Waters
"Physical and Psycho-Physical Causation in the Light of Recent Philosophical Discussion"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1933 Dr. Marquis Lafayette Harris
"Some Conceptions of God in the Gifford Lectures During the Period 1927-1929"
Advisor: A.E. Avey

1933 Dr. Quinter M. Lyon
"Three Typical Views of Progess"
Advisor: J. A. Leighton

1931 Dr. William H. Reither
"The Ethics of Joseph Butler"
Advisor: George H. Sabine

1930 Dr. Donald H. Daugherty
"Truth in Art"
Advisor: Albert Chandler

1930 Dr. Ralph J. Slattery
"The Coherence Theory of Logic and the Idealist Theory of the State"
Advisor: George Sabine

1924 Dr. Oliver L. Reiser
"Creative Monism"
Advisors: J.A. Leighton and Albert Weiss

1923 Dr. Daniel Luther Evans
"The Status of Values in New Realism"
Advisor: J.A. Leighton

1919 Dr. Raymond Gregory
"A Study of Locke's Theory of Knowledge"
Advisor: Unknown