Internal Events

Internal Colloquia

Evan Woods
November 17, 2017: 3.30pm
347 University Hall

"Against Amorphic Hylomorphism"

Abstract: Simon Evnine (2016) argues for amorphic hylomorphism, the thesis that (i) there are objects—hylomorphic objects—that are distinct from their matter, (ii) the relation being the matter of is irreflexive and asymmetric, (iii) hylomorphic objects don’t have the matter that they are made out of as a part, and (iv) hylomorphic objects don’t have forms as parts. I argue that Evnine’s arguments for (iii) and (iv) fail, and that some views that accept (i)–(iv) are safe from Evnine’s arguments.


Hope Sample
August 25, 2017: 3.30pm
347 University Hall

"Kant on Time and Change: A Series, B Series, or Both?”

Abstract: When interpreters orient Kant in relation to contemporary philosophy of time, they claim that the B series is dependent on or constructed from the A series. However, I claim that the opposite direction of dependence is supported by Kant’s position that change is both intelligible and involves incompatibility. This paper extends the contemporary description of Kant’s philosophy of time to show that Kant endorses the interdependence of A series and B series views on time.


Graduate Student Workshop

The Graduate Student Workshop is a forum in which graduates students come together to present their work among their peers. GSW is open to all graduate students, as well as others' to the discretion of the speaker.

Every Second Monday, 6:00pm
353 University Hall

Tim Berryman

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)

MAP is an inclusive group that considers issues pertaining to the status of minorities in philosophy. Philosophy faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate majors are welcome to attend.

Time: 3:30 Room: 347 University Hall
One Monday a Month

Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer

Miscellaneous Metaphysics

Miscellaneous Metaphysics is a reading group that covers a wide range of metaphysical topics. Readings vary from meeting to meeting as selected by the members of the group.  
Every other Wednesday, 5:30p
Boston Stoker

Society for the History of Modern Philosophy (SHMP)

The Society for the History of Modern Philosophy organizes a number of events that facilitate learning about philosophy during the modern period. Currently there are three different groups associated with the society: 

1) Reading group: currently reading women philosophers from the early modern period
2) Workshop: venue for graduate students and faculty to present work on the history of modern philosophy
3) Latin reading group: focusing on philosophical latin from the 16th and 17th centuries

Scott Harkema (

Society for Mathematical Logic and Foundational Studies (SMLFS)

The Society for Mathematical Logic and Foundational Studies seeks to create a forum for dialogue on the subject of Mathematical Logic and Foundations, and to collaborate with people from all disciplines interested in such matters. SMLFS is primarily a reading group, but also invites speakers annually. The group is open to all interested participants.

Every Other Thursday, 6:00p
353 University Hall

Matt Souba

Consilience: The CCBS Student Organization Reading Group

The CCBS Student Organization is an interdisciplinary reading group for undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in scientific approaches to mental and physical phonomena.  Anyone interested in scientific cognition, mind, psychology, agency, etc. should feel encouraged to come! For more information, please visit CCBS Facebook page.