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Words About Emeriti

Jim Scanlon, who retired in 1991, has stayed in Columbus because of Ohio State University library's outstanding Russian studies collection. He continues his research and publication in Russian philosophy, and is occasionally asked to be the external member on dissertation committees in this area by various universities across the country. As he remarked in a recent note, “So, much to my surprise, 22 years after retirement I find I am still working with doctoral students—though not at Ohio State!”  

Charles Kielkopf, who retired in 2000, has a book forthcoming in 2014, Confronting Sexual Nihilism: Traditional Sexual Morality as an Antidote to Nihilism.   

Marshall Swain does occasional teaching in the winter months at Florida Gulf Coast University and at Hodges University in Naples, Florida. But he still spends a lot of time in Columbus.

And this past summer, George Pappas, traveling the world as usual, read his paper, “Berkeley and Competitive Advantage,” at the University of Krakow, Poland.