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News about Recent PhDs

Wesley Cray (PhD 2012, currently visiting assistant professor at Grand Valley State University) published "Inconstancy and Content" (forthcoming in Dialectica), "Conceptual Art, Ideas, and Ontology" (The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 2014), and, with his former Ohio State colleague Steven Brown (PhD 2012), "Team-Teaching the Atheism-Theism Debate" (forthcoming in Teaching Philosophy).

Timothy Fuller (PhD 2012, currently at Yonsei University), with Professor Richard Samuels, published "Scientific Inference and Ordinary Cognition: Fodor on Holism and Cognitive Architecture" in Mind and Language (April 2014).

Carol Hay (PhD 2008, currently assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell) received the Gregory Kavka / UC Irvine Prize in Political Philosophy for her essay "The Obligation to Resist Oppression."

Cathy Muller (PhD 2012, currently at Marist College), with Professor Ben Caplan, published "Against a Defense of Fictional Realism" (Philosophical Quarterly, 2014) and "Brutal Identity" (forthcoming in the Oxford University Press collection Fictional Objects, edited by Anthony Everett and Stuart Brock).

Daniel Wilkenfeld (PhD 2013) received a postdoctoral position at the University of California, Berkeley, to join the interdisciplinary project "Varieties of Understanding: New Perspectives from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology." He is based in the Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences at Berkeley.

Also in 2014, Daniel published "Functional Explaining: A New Approach to the Philosophy of Explanation" in Synthese.

Additionally, four graduate students received their PhDs in 2014: James McGlothlin, Michael Miller, Alison Duncan Kerr and Michael Ferreira.