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The Department of Philosophy works to foster a sense of community among its undergraduates outside of the classroom. Below you will find information regarding our philosophy clubundergraduate department awardundergraduate retreat, and a list of resources ranging from philosophy databases to comics and podcasts.


Undergraduate Philosophy Club

The Undergraduate Philosophy Club at the Ohio State University is an active group of students interested in all things philosophical. The club functions as a forum for philosophical discussion to complement and enhance academic studies, providing intellectual support by forming connections with other undergraduates. The club is entirely student led and programmed, welcoming all majors, ideologies, and levels of familiarity. Each Wednesday at 6:00 PM, students gather in 347 University Hall to discuss a topic of interest amongst themselves or with an invited faculty or graduate student guest from around the University. There are social events associated with the Club and, in the past, the Club has hosted Undergraduate Philosophy Conferences that have brought student visitors from around the country to present their work. Join us on Wednesdays in University Hall, and join our Facebook group for further meeting details!

Please contact Tobin Johnson for more information about how to get involved.
Meeting topics:
August 29, 2018 - Elections and planning for the semester
September 5, 2018 - T. Johnson will discuss Hume's problem of induction.
September 12, 2018 - Discussion led by Professor Richard Samuels
September 19, 2018 - Daniel Olsen will discuss the wacky world of tiny, tiny, things
September 26 2018 - Professor Abe Roth will discuss the environment and collective action
October 3, 2018- Professor Don Hubin will discuss "What are miracles? Should we believe they occur? Many think that miracles do occur and that they are evidence for the existence of God. Others think    that this sort of argument for the existence of God is flawed and an example of hubris and unwarranted faith in human knowledge and reasoning. Who's right?"
October 10, 2018 - Professor Chris Pincock will discuss "Is Mathematics the Language of Nature?"  We will consider various interpretations of this famous passage along with some contemporary versions of Galileo’s position.

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Bingham Award


Each Spring the Philosophy Department awards the Bingham Prize to a deserving undergraduate. This prize is designed to recognize undergraduate excellence in Philosophy, and is awarded on the basis of a student essay written during the previous year. The Philosophy Department will present the prize of $750 and an engraved medal to the winner.

Qualifications for Submissions:

  • You must have taken an undergraduate philosophy course at OSU during the current school year or during spring term of the previous year.
  • You must have written the essay since spring break of the previous academic year.
  • You must have your essay endorsed by a faculty member or graduate teaching associate in the Philosophy Department.

Deadline for Submission: Friday, March 29, 2019 - 4:00 p.m.

Submission details, a list of past winners, and the history of the award can be found here.

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Dan Farrell Undergraduate Retreat

The department hosts periodic day-long retreats for small groups of undergraduates. The retreat comprises hiking, swimming, and picnicking in addition to philosophical discussion and general camaraderie. The retreats are a great way to get away from campus with friends and classmates and discuss philosophy in an informal setting.

The retreat is made possible by Jim Jeffers, who donates the use of his Tree Farm, and by Mike Perkins, who provides financial support. Both Jim and Mike are alumni of Ohio State’s philosophy department and were students of Daniel Farrell. Their kindness and generosity are always greatly appreciated by all.

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  • Curent and Upcoming Courses
    A list of courses being offered in the philosophy department over the current and upcoming terms
  • Social Media
    Keep up to date with department happenings by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter #OSUUndergradPhilosophy
  • What I Did with My Philosophy Major
    A collection of recent Ohio State philosophy graduates share their stories of life after college with a philosophy degree
  • Guide to Undergraduate Studies
    Details concerning majoring, minoring, and pursuing a honors degree in philosophy at Ohio State
  • Philosophy Alumni Database
    A collection of contact information for philosophy graduates from the past 20 years who have offered to discuss their experiences with current undergraduates; contact Michelle Brown to request a copy of the database



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