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2.3 Course Distribution Requirements

Distribution Areas. Graduate philosophy courses are grouped into four areas:

  1. History of Philosophy (Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy and History of Modern Philosophy; 
  2. Value Theory (Ethics, Aesthetics, Social and Political Philosophy); 
  3. MME (Mind, Metaphysics and Epistemology); and
  4. LLS (Philosophy of Logic, Language, and Science). 
The Distribution Requirements. Students must take and pass, with a grade of “B+” or better, at least two courses in the history of philosophy, at least two courses in one other distribution area, and at least one course in each of the remaining two areas. The courses used to satisfy the distribution requirement must be 8000-level seminar courses (with the exception of 8999), and not be taken with the departmental pass/fail option (see under Course Number Requirement).  (Students may petition the Graduate Committee for an independent study (5193) to count for distribution credit; if approved, a letter grade must be given by the instructor.) The instructor of the course determines which distribution area or areas coursework may satisfy, before semester registration.

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