Instructors & Guest Lecturers



Ali Aeenehzodaee


Instructor: Ali Kaveh Aeenehzodaee

Ali Kaveh Aenehzodaee is a PhD student in the Ohio State University philosophy department. His research concerns philosophical questions about language, including the nature of self-expression, subjectivity, and disagreement. He loves sharing the creative aspects of philosophy and interacting with its diverse perspectives.




Angela Barnes


Instructor: Angela Barnes

Angela Barnes is an undergraduate student in the Department of Philosophy at The Ohio State University. Her interests are mainly centered around applied ethics, specifically in reference to disability and technology. She enjoys engaging in discussions that have noticeable impact on how we live our lives. Angela is also broadly interested in programs that make philosophy accessible to high school students and is excited to do philosophy with the camp participants this summer.


Justin D'Arms


Guest Lecturer: Professor Justin D'Arms

Justin D’Arms is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Ohio State University. His research and writing focus on ethics, moral psychology, and the philosophy of emotions. He is also interested in evolution, particularly evolutionary explanations of human behavior. Prof. D’Arms looks forward to talking with the campers about emotions and identity. What do our emotions tell us about which of our traits are important to who we are, and how do they tell us this? Do our emotions differentiate between the values of the social groups that we identify with and our own, inner values?


Simone Drake


Guest Lecturer: Professor Simone Drake

Simone Drake is the Hazel C. Youngberg Trustees Distinguished Professor and chair of the Department of African American and African Studies and Executive Director of the AAAS Community Extension Center at The Ohio State University. She received her doctorate in English Literature from the University of Maryland, a Master in the Study of Law from OSU Moritz College of Law as well as a dual master’s degree in English and African American and African Studies, and a bachelor’s degree in Classical Civilization and English from Denison University. She is the author of When We Imagine Grace: Black Men and Subject Making (University of Chicago Press 2016) and Critical Appropriations: African American Women and the Construction of Transnational Identity (Louisiana State University Press 2014); co-editor (with Dwan Henderson) of Are You Entertained?: Black Popular Culture in the Twenty-First Century (forthcoming Duke University Press); and numerous journal articles and book chapters. She serves on the editorial boards of The Ohio State University Press and Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men (Indiana University Press).  


Guest Lecturer: James Fritz

James Fritz is a PhD candidate in the Ohio State University philosophy department. He does philosophical research in the areas of metaethics and epistemology.

James has a long history of working with summer camps; most recently, he served as the director of Wyandot Day Camp in Highbanks Metro Park. He also has a Master’s of Arts in Teaching and five years of experience teaching middle school English.


Taylor Golden


Instructor: Taylor Golden

Taylor Golden is a fourth-year Land Grant Opportunity scholar majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Ohio State University. His broad focus areas include global environmental justice, women’s issues and intersectional studies, addressing educational disparities and the opioid epidemic in rural Appalachia, and empowerment-focused effective altruism. He is the founder and current president of The Maximin Project, a student organization partnered with the international nonprofit The Life You Can Save and OSU’s Center for Ethics and Human Values committed to empowering students at Ohio State with opportunities to both maximize the global minimum and serve their local community. Additionally, Taylor is working to bring practical, accessible philosophy to underrepresented and underserved groups, specifically homeless youth in Columbus, Ohio.


Instructor: Professor Julia Jorati

Julia Jorati is an associate professor in the OSU philosophy department; she received her PhD from Yale University. Her research focuses on early modern European philosophy, but she teaches a wide variety of philosophy courses including a class on philosophy of religion and a class on death and the meaning of life. Julia is one of the people who came up with the idea for this summer camp and she is looking forward to discussing philosophy with camp participants.


Seth Josephson


Guest Lecturer: Professor Seth Josephson

Seth Josephson earned his Ph.D. from OSU’s Comparative Studies Department in 2018 where he studied religion, scientific discourse, and understandings of the human relationships with the more-than-human world. Seth has recently taught at Kenyon College, Otterbein University, and Wittenberg University on topics related to Buddhism, Hinduism, and “Religions in the Wild.” Seth is a father of three and believes wholeheartedly in finding ways to support young people to build fresh perspectives on the world they inherit



Robert Kraut


Guest Lecturer: Professor Robert Kraut

Robert Kraut is a Professor of Philosophy at Ohio State University. He research and writing centers around metaphysics, aesthetic theory and philosophy of language.





Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer


Instructor: Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer

Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer is a Philosophy PhD candidate at Ohio State University. Her research is broadly focused on political philosophy, more narrowly concerning theories of global justice and exploitation. Lavender has been interested in sharing philosophy with high school students for quite a while, helping begin high school outreach programs in St. Louis, MO, while she was completing her Master's degree. She is excited about having the opportunity to discuss philosophical issues with the camp's participants this summer. 


Evan Thomas


Instructor: Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas is a PhD student in the department of philosophy at The Ohio State University. Evan’s current research focuses on what René Descartes thought about the difference between humans and animals. He’s also interested in the meaning of life, what we can do to make the world a better place, and how philosophy can best be used to enrich people’s lives. Evan has experience teaching people of all ages and is excited to do philosophy with the campers!  


Piers Turner


Guest Lecturer: Professor Piers Turner

Piers Turner is Associate Professor of Philosophy and co-coordinator of the major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He is also Director of the Center for Ethics and Human Values, where he is co-organizing a year-long series on the topic "What is America?" He works primarily in political philosophy, and teaches classes on justice, democracy, equality, freedom, and the ethics of environmental sustainability.


Xiang Yu


Instructor: Xiang Yu

Xiang is a PhD candidate in the philosophy program at the Ohio State University. Her research focuses on moral philosophy, particularly well-being. She was born and raised in Beijing, China. She enjoys getting students to see the relevance of philosophy in real life and having good discussions with them.