Ali Aeenehzodaee

Instructor: Ali Kaveh Aeenehzodaee

Ali Kaveh Aenehzodaee is a PhD student in the Ohio State University philosophy department. His research concerns philosophical questions about language, including the nature of self-expression, subjectivity, and disagreement. He loves sharing the creative aspects of philosophy and interacting with its diverse perspectives.

pronouns: he/him/his





photo of Lily Perkins

Instructor: Lillian Perkins

Lillian Perkins is a PhD student in the Ohio State University philosophy department. Their philosophical interests are in feminist ethics, critical social and political thought, and existentialism. Lillian loves teaching philosophy to pre-college-aged students and is looking forward to working with this summer's campers. 

pronouns: they/them/their





photo of Nathan Dowell

Instructor: Nathan Dowell

Nathan Dowell is a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy at The Ohio State University. His research is primarily in epistemology and metaphysics (with a particular interest in the intersection between these two). His main focus is on the metaphysics and epistemology of modality. This just means that he likes to think, discuss and write about questions regarding what is possible, what is necessary and how we can know stuff about these possibilities and necessities. He is also very interested in what we should do when we disagree with people who seem to be just as smart and competent as us concerning some topic (especially fundamental issues in morality and religion). Nathan has a strong passion for teaching and talking with new students of philosophy so he is ecstatic to be a part of the summer camp this year!

pronouns: he/him/his



Tristram McPherson

Instructor: Professor Tristram McPherson

Tristram is an Associate Professor in the Ohio State University philosophy department. The heart of their research concerns how to understand and assess the ethical commitments that structure our lives. Much of this works concerns whether and how ethics could be objective, and how to assess our ethical concepts. They also spend significant time thinking about substantive questions in ethics, including the ethics of our relationships to non-human animals, and the ethical significance of climate change. Tristram is passionate about philosophy and looks forward to exploring some of the deepest questions in the field with the campers.

Pronouns: usually he/him/his, but that's just force of habit; they would like to work on getting more used to going by they/them/theirs


Tyler Cook

Instructor: Tyler Cook

Tyler Cook is a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy at The Ohio State University. His research concerns various topics in theoretical and applied ethics. He is especially interested in metaphysical questions regarding the nature of moral properties, well-being, first-order normative theory, and ethical issues related to artificial intelligence. Tyler enjoys discussing philosophy with his peers, professors, and people who are entirely new to the subject, and so naturally he can't wait to talk about philosophy with this year's campers!

pronouns: he/him/his





photo of Willam Marsolek

Instructor: William Marsolek

William Marsolek is a Ph.D. student in the philosophy department at The Ohio State University. He enjoys reading about the history of philosophy, especially disagreements about which sorts of things we could study scientifically, which sorts of things we could study mathematically, and which sorts of things happen naturally. Besides reading, he enjoys bookbinding, watching old movies, and being goofy with his friends. More than anything, though, he enjoys listening to and participating in philosophical conversations. 

Pronouns: he/him/his