PhD Alum publishes new paper in Kant-Studien

October 9, 2019

PhD Alum publishes new paper in Kant-Studien

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Recent OSU Philosophy PhD graduate Dr. Hope C. Sample has published a new paper, "Kant's Transcendental Idealism About Time: A Neglected Alternative" in Kant-Studien.

Congratulations Hope!

Here is the abstract:

When interpreters orient Kant’s philosophy of time in relation to McTaggart’s distinction among different ways of characterizing a temporal order, they claim that he is best described as endorsing an A series position according to which there is a metaphysically privileged present that determines the past and the future. Whether Kant might also be understood as a proponent of the B series - according to which there is no privileged present, but rather time is comprised of relations of earlier than, later than, and simultaneity - has not been discussed in the literature. I argue that, for Kant, the appearances can be described as an A series, while the phenomena are to be understood as a B series, neither of which is more fundamental than the other. Contra a common approach in the literature that neglects a metaphysical difference between appearances and phenomena, I argue Kant’s transcendental idealism about time is best understood in relation to his account of appearances and phenomena.