Hope Sample defends dissertation

June 15, 2018

Hope Sample defends dissertation

Picture of Hope

On June 5th, 2018, Hope Sample successfully defended her dissertation “Change in Kant.” Congrats, Dr. Sample!

The dissertation committee consisted of Lisa Shabel (advisor), Clinton Tolley, Tamar Rudavsky, Lisa Downing, and Julia Jorati. 

Hope describes her dissertation project as follows: "I argue that, for Kant, the inner representation of time enables the direct perception of change, whether it is the self or an external object that undergoes alteration. My interpretation contrasts with a standard view of Kant according to which time only enables direct perception of the temporal qualities of the self. My dissertation project orients Kant’s philosophy of time within a significant philosophical tradition that links time with change (a theme found in Parmenides, Augustine, and Husserl, among others)."

Starting this Fall, Hope will be working as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University.