Colloquium with Oystein Linnebo: "Abstraction and Grounding"

October 4, 2019
All Day
311 Denney Hall


Oystein Linnebo is a Professor from the University of Oslo.

Title: "Abstraction and Grounding"


Are there “thin objects” whose existence does not make any substantial demand on the world? In my Thin Objects(OUP 2018) I develop an affirmative answer based on a Fregeanform of abstraction. This talk will explain two central aspects of the resulting view in terms of the notion of metaphysical grounding. First, every truth about some thin objects is grounded in a truth that does not involve these objects. Second, the notorious bad company problem can be solved by insisting that every truth about the desired abstracts be grounded in a truth that is solely about a prior and independently available ontology.