Keren Wilson

Teaching Associate
Graduate Student

My interests lie in ancient metaphysics, especially in Aristotle. When I began my dissertation, I intended to write on Aristotle's notion of matter in his Metaphysics Z, but like others before me I found that was perhaps too big a project, or too much for a dissertation.  While I was doing what I thought was preparatory work for that project, I found myself instead writing a dissertation on the first book of Aristotle's Physics, and so there I am now.  This has led to an interest in scientific explanation, and explanation more generally.  I am also interested in a wide range of problems in metaphysics, ancient and modern, and my teaching has helped to nourish my interest in ancient ethics, too.

Areas of Expertise
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Metaphysics of Plato and Aristotle
  • B.A. Thomas Aquinas College, 2008
  • MST University of St. Andrews, 2009

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The Ohio State University
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