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Nathan Dowell

Picture of Nathan (2022)

Nathan Dowell

Teaching Associate



337E University Hall


  • B.A. Clear Creek College
  • M.A. Philosophy, Liberty University
  • M.A. Philosophy of Religion, Yale Divinity School

How to pronounce my name:  


My research primarily focuses on epistemology with an emphasis on the nature of a priori justification, presentational phenomenology and intuition. For this, I am most interested in arguments for and against the infallibility of intuitive justification. Relevant to this research is the notion and phenomenology of clarity (what it is like for some proposition to be clearly true to a person) and whether one must be aware of whatever makes a proposition true in order to have presentational phenomenology with regards to that proposition. Aside from that, I also enjoy thinking about issues surrounding the philosophy of religion, epistemic contextualism, the nature of belief and knowledge, formal epistemology and the epistemologies and metaphysics of early modern philosophers (especially Descartes, Reid, Leibniz and Kant). 

When I am not doing philosophy, I like to spend time with my family and read books of poetry, fiction, psychology, history and productivity.