Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas

Senior Lecturer


337E University Hall
230 N. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • Animal Minds
  • Animal Ethics


  • B.A Philosophy, New York University, 2013

My research interests include early modern philosophy and the mental and moral status of nonhuman animals. The heart of my research combines these interests and focuses on the controversy sparked by Descartes’s view that animals are mindless automata. In a series of papers, I lay out and critically evaluate the arguments that Descartes made for the thesis that animals are automata, as well as the objections to these arguments made by other early modern figures. My research about early modern views of animal minds also engages with and has led to interests in early modern views on the nature of consciousness, agency, and the passions. I am currently beginning a project to examine the contributions of early modern women to these debates. You can learn more about my research as well as my approach to teaching at my personal website.