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For information about the program, or to discuss your major or minor in Philosophy, please make an appointment to see the appropriate Faculty Advisor:

You can find out more about the philosophy undergraduate major and minor as well as the Honors Program in philosophy in our 2015-16 A Guide to Undergraduate Studies. You may also stop by University Hall to pick up a printed copy of this guide, or call 614-292-7914 to have it mailed to you.

We are often asked about professional opportunities open to those who major in philosophy. A few go on to do graduate work, with the goal of teaching philosophy at the college-level. However, most majors pursue other goals. Many go to law school, where their philosophical training in analytic thinking serves them very well. Some go into computer programming. In fact, the training philosophy majors get in the analysis of and expression of ideas is useful in many professional areas. Some employers in the business world tell us they are interested in hiring people who do not major in business in college, but who are liberally educated, and who can think, read, write, and express themselves clearly. Philosophical education prepares people well in these respects.

Here is a list of resources for undergraduates provided by the American Philosophical Association, including an introductory guide to philosophy, reasons to major in philosophy, test scores for philosophy majors on the GRE and LSAT, information about careers for philosophy majors, and a list of famous people who majored in philosophy.

Undergraduate majors and others interested in philosophy have created a thriving Undergraduate Philosophy Club. The club meets regularly throughout the academic year and sponsors talks by undergraduates, faculty and graduate students as well as more informal discussions.

WiPhi is a philosophy reading group for undergraduate and graduate women interested in connecting with one another through reading and discussion. You do not need to be a philosophy major to participate in WiPhi. A general interest in learning more about philosophy is sufficient! For more information please visit our facebook page.


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